Cashmere Blankets is our best seller

Luxurious cashmere wool blend throw and blanket with classic pattern is hand woven by local artisan of Nepal with extra care and love.

Light weight, warm and cozy throw and blanket features a neutral color to match any space and complement most any decor.

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Wool dryer ball is all you need

Our wool dryer balls are made of 100% natural wool and are a practical upgrade from standard dryer sheets. They improve the drying cycle by separating large clumps of wet clothing, which allows warm air to circulate evenly and shortens the time needed for the perfect dry. This saves energy, protects your clothing from unnecessary wear and eliminates static cling. Ultra-durable and long lasting, they never wear out and don't add any chemicals that are commonly found in standard dryer sheets. Each set contains four wool dryer balls in a handy 100% cotton carrying bag.

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